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Music Theory On Line

For the Students Music Theory On Line is the perfect tool for the student to learn music theory in a fun and easy way. Music Theory can be a scary aspect of music to learn about when students are pressured to meet deadlines and teacher expectations. With Music Theory On Line, the student can learn all the aspects of music theory needed to be comfortable and competent in a beginning college music theory class.

Many college freshmen have difficulty understanding their first music theory course because it can be a giant leap from high school music classes. Music theory courses are considered to be the first test of a serious music student. Many students decide that a music degree is not for them after taking theory. There is no reason that this should happen. Music Theory On Line will prepare you to succeed in that first class of college music theory.

With Music Theory On Line you will:
  • Be prepared the first day of beginning level college music theory
  • Learn music theory at your own pace
  • Receive comprehensive knowledge of music theory through 70 great lessons
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home
  • A personal instructor will guide you through the whole course

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Music Theory On Line is the perfect solution for:


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