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Music Theory On Line

For the Parents Music Theory On Line is the perfect answer to your child's frustration with musical theory. This course will let your student learn at their own pace and with the help of a personal instructor via the internet. Music Theory On Line combines the convience of distance learning with the personal attention of a music educator.

Many students do not have the opportunity to take a music theory course in high school. Therefore, when these students arrive in their first music theory course in college, they find themselves lost and frustrated. There is no reason that your child needs to be one of these frustrated students. For far less then the price of a collegiate music theory course, Music Theory On Line will prepare your child to succeed in that first class of college music theory.

With Music Theory On Line your child will:
  • Be prepared the first day of beginning level college music theory
  • Learn music theory at their own pace
  • Learn music theory at far less cost than retaking a college course
  • Learn in the comfort of their own home
  • Receive 70 great lessons, that is less than $2 a lesson
  • A personal instructor will guide you and your student through the whole course

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Music Theory On Line is the perfect solution for:


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