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Music Theory On Line

For the Educators Music Theory On Line is now the perfect supplement to your music education classroom. If your students are constantly asking questions about music theory that you are not able to answer, this course is the answer. In today's schools it is hard to find either the time or the resources to teach all that a teacher wishes their student to learn in their classroom. Music Theory On Line has been custom-made to meet the needs of today's music educator, by a music educator.

It is always a thrill to hear of a student going on to study music at the collegiate level. Do they know the musical concepts that they need to survive a collegiate music theory course? This is a question that music educators ask themselves all the time. Music Theory On Line is the answer. Special pricing is available for teachers using MT099 as a high school textbook. Email course instructor.

With Music Theory On Line, students are able to:
  • Be prepared the first day of beginning level college music theory
  • Learn music theory with your assistance
  • Learn music theory at their own pace

With Music Theory On Line, you are able to:

  • Assist the student in college preparation
  • Give your students the opportunity to learn music theory with no additional prep time
  • Provide a cost effective education solution to your school
  • Our product is self-contained, no need for separate books or audio cassettes/CD's
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Music Theory On Line is the perfect solution for:


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