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Music Theory On Line

Music Theory On Line is great for Seniors Music Theory On Line is the perfect solution for your own interest in music theory. Nearly every adult will make one of these two statements. "I'm glad that I studied music when I was a young student." OR "I wish that I had studied music when I was younger." While both of these statements are generally true, there is an error in the thinking. One does not have to be "younger" to study music.

If you sing in the church choir or play in the community band, then you may enjoy Music Theory On Line. If you enjoy going to the symphony and listening to good music, Music Theory On Line may be the learning tool that will help improve your enjoyment. Music Theory On Line will answer many of those questions that you have always had about "How does music work?" Many "seniors" have taken the course along with adult piano lessons.

With Music Theory On Line seniors can:
  • Satisfy that lifelong curiosity about music
  • Improve musical appreciation
  • Improve musical knowledge and indirectly musical performance
  • Receive help and understanding through the entire process from a qualified music educator (and that also includes the computer/Internet procedures)
  • Learn music theory at your own pace

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Music Theory On Line is the perfect solution for:


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