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Music Theory 099
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Music Theory On Line

Music Theory 099

Music Theory 099 is the theory course designed for the college bound music major. It is suggested that this course be taken to help that student prepare for the college theory placement exams. Intensive help from the high school music teacher is also suggested. Music Theory 099 will most likely require an entire semester to complete.

Course Syllabus Music Theory 099

  1. The basic language of music
    1. terminology
    2. pitch notation
    3. rhythm notation
  2. Drawing skills
    1. clefs
    2. notes
    3. rests
    4. other written music skills
  3. Note names
    1. name all notes on the treble clef staff
    2. name all notes on the bass clef staff
  4. Keyboard communication
    1. identify note names of all "white" keys
    2. "black" key enharmonic names
  5. Chromaticism
    1. sharp, flat, and natural signs
    2. chromatic scales
  6. Melodic beginnings
    1. major scale tetrachords
    2. solfeggio introduction
  7. Elementary rhythms
    1. rhythmic names of notes
    2. performance of elementary rhythms
    3. elementary rhythmic dictation
  8. Major scales
    1. building scales with whole and half steps
    2. introduction to key signature

Table of Contents of Music Theory 099
Lesson #Topic
01What Is Music?
02Duration and Timbre
05Musical Handwriting
06Notes and Clefs
07Treble Clef Note Names
08Bass Clef Note Names
09"C" Clefs
10Staff and Leger Lines
11Placing Notes On Staff
12Music Writing Skills
13Keyboard Notes
15Time Signature
17Rhythm Terminology
18Note Relationships
19Dotted Notes
23Black Key Note Names
24Double Sharps & Flats
26Major Scales
27Major Scales
28Rhythmic Dictation
29Major Scales
30Major Scales
31Key Signatures
32Key Signatures
34Practice Midterm Exam
35Midterm Exam
Lesson #Topic
36Scale Degrees
39Consonant Chords
40Dissonant Chords
41Types of Chords
42Scale Fingerings 1
43Scale Fingerings 2
44Scale Fingerings 3
45Rhythmic Review
46Intervals 1
47Intervals 2
48Chords Part 1
49Chords Part 2
50Chords Part 3
51Parallel Minor
52Relative Minor
53Natural Minor Scales
54Harmonic Minor Scales
55Melodic Minor Scales
56Natural Minor Chords
57Harmonic Minor Chords
58Melodic Minor Chords
59Chord Inversions
62Dominant Seventh Chords
63Melodic Dictation
64Secondary Dominant 7ths
65Melodic Dictation
66Harmonic Dictation
67Rhythm Review
68Chord Analysis Review
69Practice Exam
70Final Exam

For An Example Lesson:

Music Theory 099

All classes will be as interactive as possible. Students will be able to email questions to the instructor. Those questions will be answered with the next day's lesson. There will be quizzes nearly every day. A midterm grade will be issued. A final grade will be mailed to the local school official if requested.

Finally, the best advice that can be offered to the college bound music student


No ifs, ands, or buts, NOW! If you have taken piano lessons in the past and then quit, NOW is the time to restart. NOW!!

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